For time
1600m run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 air squats
1600m run

- Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed.
- If you’ve got a 9/6kg vest or body armor, wear it.


6 rounds
25/20 calories bike
25 abmat sit up
25 kettlebell swings 24/16


For time
Alternating wall ball reverse lunge 9/6
*run 400 meter after each round.


"Heavy day"

Find a daily max in the following complex:
1 hang power clean + 2 front squats.

Find a daily max in the following complex:
1 squat snatch
1 snatch balance
1 overhead squat


10 rounds for time
30 crossovers
3 thrusters @ 80% of 1 RM
(only fitness got the option to go from the rig)

10 rounds for time
30 double unders
3 thrusters @ 80% of 1 RM



5 rounds of
3:00 work / 3:00 rest
500/400m row
8 burpees over the rower
Max alt. dumbbell snatches 22.5/15


5000m row or ski
*every 3:00 perform 10 burpees
(incl 00:00)

All movement 3 sets
10 wide grip bench press
10 close grip bench press
10 banded chin ups *if possible without band, but if movements = slow & controlled.
10 back squats
20 alt. dumbbell lunges
*first finish 1 movements before you go to the next
*1:00 rest in between movements
* 3 RIR


For max load
8-6-4-2 reps of
Touch & go power clean & jerk
Rest as needed in between sets.

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