Monday "Heavy day"

3 sets (Go every 6:00)
10 barbell hip thrusts @ pick load
20 meter dumbbell walking lunges @ pick load
Max repetitions of sandbag squats


4 rounds of
400m run
20 burpee box jump overs 24/20
Rest 2:00

4 rounds of
400m run
20 burpee pull ups
Rest 2:00


15:00 AMRAP
10 thrusters 52.5/35
20 push ups
30 air squats


Choose one:
A: Row erg 10 km
B: Ski erg 10 km
C: Bike 400/320 calories


10 rounds
1:00 work/ 1:00 rest
12 lateral burpees over the bar
Max push presses in the remaining time 60/40


In teams of 2
4 rounds
40 cal row (use 1 rower)
40 v-ups
40 hang power cleans 60/40
40 v-ups
400m run

In teams of 2
4 rounds
80 double unders (work at the same time)
40 hang power cleans 60/40
80 v-ups
400m run


3 rounds for quality of:
10 Wide Grip Bench Press
10 Close Grip Bench Press
10 Banded Chin-ups
10 Back Squats
20 Dumbbell Lunges
*first finish 1 movement before you go to the other one

30:00 AMRAP
3000m run
2000m/1600m row
Max calorie on bike


Touch & go power clean & jerk
Rest as needed in between sets
*Start with same weight for 6 reps as last week

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