Dumbbell & Kettlebell Home programming! (Week 4)

How to use your weights at home.


Did you pick up a dumbbell or a Kettlebell at the gym, but aren’t sure how to use it?


We’ve got you!


We added three workouts a week in which you can implement your weights! You can find them on Beyond the Whiteboard on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or scroll down to check out this weeks options!

As always, if you have any questions or are looking for a warm-up: don’t hesitate to contact The Vastberaden Fitness Hotline!



4 rondes 

10 single arm dumbbell rows (each)

10 hammer curls (each)


For time 

800m farmer carry 

*every break 10 burpees




Dumbbell DT

5 rounds 

12 dumbbell deadlifts 

9 dumbbell power clean 

6 dumbbell shoulder to overhead




10 rounds

10 goblet lunges 

10 burpees


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