Hi Benji, can you tell our members who you are, and how you ended up at CrossFit Vastberaden?

My name is Benjamin, but most people call me Benji. Born and raised in The Hague, moved to England when I was 18 and back to the Netherlands at the age of 25. During my time in England I studied for a year at the Royal Ballet School in Londen and afterwards joined the Birmingham Royal Ballet as a professional ballet dancer. When I moved back to the Netherlands to study physiotherapy and human movement sciences, my wife and I first had an apartment in Delft. However, because the university and my wife’s new job were in Amsterdam, we decided to move there. And then there was Vastberaden. A new years resolution that stuck. Making us physically and mentally stronger, plus a great place to meet new people.

What road led you to becoming a physiotherapist?

As a professional dancer I tried and tested my own body to max. Through my career I experienced many injuries, from relatively small overuse injuries to big injuries, such as a stress fracture and torn cruciate ligaments (to name a view). I wanted to understand why my own injuries happened and how I could help others to deal with their injuries, or possibly even prevent them. I understand what it is like to be injured, rehabilitate and also train with injuries.

What type of injuries and questions can people come to you with?

Our education in The Netherlands to become a physiotherapist is quite broad. Meaning we are able to treat a broad variety of physical complaints. At Codarts University of the Arts I see a lot of young dancers who often come with ankle, knee and hip problems. But also a lot of musicians, who more often present with hand, elbow and/or shoulder and neck problems. In the private practice it’s really a mix of everything. Our practice is known for its manual therapy, which means we see a lot of patients with back and nek problems and treat with our hands, besides giving advice and exercises.

You could also say that I am mainly a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. This means that people come to me when they have a problem with their muscles, joint or with minor neurological problems.

What can members expect during a Friday visit at the box?

A first welcome from Barmhartig where you can get a delicious coffee and even a great haircut by Anthony. If you continue through the double doors you will find the best and friendliest CrossFit box with awesome coaches and workouts. If you are struggling with physical complaints or need some physiotherapeutic advice, you can find me in the yoga studio.

Want to come in and see Benji?

Every Friday morning between 8:00 – 12:00

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