Vastberaden presents: Onewave!

Hey energy seeker!

Work can be demanding, your home situation can be chaotic and maintaining a social life while balancing the two can feel impossible: sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day! 

How do you stay energized?

How can you recharge after a workout in the gym, so that you remain energized at work and outside?

We would like to introduce to you: The Onewave program!

What: A 14 week programm

Start: March 15th

Pricing: €545

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Onewave lets people discover their unique energy balance and give them science-based insights they can apply in everyday life. 

By tracking your physical data for four days, Onewave offers you valuable, confidential insights into your personal energy balance. Learn to understand the cycle of stress and recovery, to peak, to relax and to do what makes you feel best.

The cool thing about Onewave’s energy management program is that it helps turn personal, data-based insights into action.

AKA: They help people to become more healthy and energetic.

The program in five steps


Let’s talk about wellbeing and performance! We tell you all about the physiology of stress and energy management in a 60-minute workshop



Track your energy and your physical data for four days and nights using a small wearable that monitors heart rate variability



A personal report tells you what causes stress and how your body recovers. It shows the effect of movement; quality of sleep; and long-term energy balance.



Personal coaching to guide you to apply the insights from your data in everyday life. Small adjustments can lead to substantial improvements!



Experience the benefits of the changes you made: more energy and focus, both at work and at home!

In a nutshell OneWave helps participants to…

Improve wellbeing

Increase work efficiency

Improve relaxation, movement and sleeping patterns

Normally, Onewave offers their energy program only to employees in high demanding working environments, to help them optimize their wellbeing & performance. So this is a unique opportunity to experience what it can do for you!
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