Vastberaden Mealplans #18

Mealplan 18

You can find all the recipes and the grocery list of the meals below HERE.



breakfast lunch dinner snack
Monday Breakfast pot pies Dinner from sunday Tomato broad bean orecchiette Pumpkin chickpea fritters
Tuesday Spinach tuna pancakes Tomato broad bean orecchiette Salina chicken Vegan blueberry scones
Wednesday Carrot cake overnight oats Salina chicken Smoky veggie chili Pumpkin chickpea fritters
Thursday Breakfast pot pies Smoky veggie chili Miso soup with tofu cabbage Vegan blueberry scones
Friday Spinach tuna pancakes Miso soup with tofu cabbage Asian crispy beef Pumpkin chickpea fritters
Saturday Carrot cake overnight oats Asian crispy beef Fish in a bag Vegan blueberry scones
Sunday Breakfast pot pies Fish in a bag Guilty pleasure, choose one of the recipes from the last 2 months! Pumpkin chickpea fritters



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