Vastberaden programming (Veemkade) Week 22/23

See below for the programming at the Veemkade location (Vastberaden 1) for the upcoming two weeks!

We want to give you the opportunity to decide which workouts you would like to do with a group and a coach and which ones you do at home. Any questions? Contact your personal coach!


Monday 25 & Tuesday 26

For time

Buy in:
100 Double unders

10 rounds
10 Russian kbs 32/24
10 Goblet lunges 32/24

Buy out:
100 Double unders 


Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28

For time
Teams of 2
100 Dumbbell man makers 22,5’s/15’s
(1 work, 1 rests)


Friday 29 & Saturday 30

Emom 30
Every 1 min for 30 mins, alternating between:
15/12 Row Calories
15 Burpees


Sunday 31 & Monday 1

For time
100 Def. Push ups 
Every minute 5 thrusters 22,5/15’s
(incl 0)


Tuesday 2 & wednesday 3

20:00 amrap
10 Kb sumo deadlift high pulls 24/16 (right)
10 KB sumo deadlift high pulls 24/16 (left)
20 Abmat sit ups 
30 Air squats


Thursday 4 & Friday 5

For time
DB Russian twist 22,5/15
Dumbbell hang clean and jerk 22,5/15
DB Renegade row 22,5/15


Saturday 6 & Sunday 7

Triple 3 
3k row 
300 Double unders 
3 mile run ( 4,8k) 

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