Vastberaden Rooftop programming week 17


Go to our Rooftop Workout Videos to prepare for your class! One of our coaches guides you through your workout from warm-up to cooling down.



  1. Sign up through Eversports for one of the 10 minute starting times.
  2. Go to the Rooftop workout videos and prepare for your workout.
  3. Dress to the weather.
  4. Bring: your phone, water, gloves and a face mask.
  5. Please note our toilets, lockers and dressing rooms are closed!
  6. Be on time! To early? Please wait outside our entrance at a safe distance.



  1. Have cold or flu like symptoms? See you another time!
  2. Wear a face mask when entering the building
  3. Keep 1.5 meter distance from each other at all times.
  4. Sanitize your hands when entering the gym
  5. Grab the equipment you need for the workout.
  6. The coach will direct you to one of the workout stations
  7. Make sure you finish within your 45 minute window
  8. Clean everything thouroughly after class
  9. Don’t linger after class




For time

100 double unders

100 burpees

100 double unders



3-4 rounds

10 double dumbbell rows

20 bicep curls (10 each)

30 band pull aparts

Max pec hold (partner who lost does 15 bottom hops)



4 rounds

10 double KB tempo sumo deadlifts (fast up, 4 sec down)

20 banded russian KBS

Rest 1:00 – 2:00

Teams of 2:

100 bottom to bottom banded hip bridges (50 each)

*person 1 does 1 hip bridges

*Person 2 wait in the top of the hip bridge



4 rounds for time (cap =12)

20 SA DB overhead squats 22,5/15

40 Abmat sit ups



For time (cap = 20)


single dumbbell step ups 20/12,5 (NO FARMER) 

air squats

*after every round perform 10 renegade rows (right + left = 1) (only row)

Renegade row 20’s/12,5



4x 3:00 amrap (repeat ish from 28-1-2020)

20 Unbroken kbs @ pick load 

10 Burpees to plate (15 kg plate)

Max push ups

Rest 2:00



10:00 amrap (repeat workout 21 april 2016)

30 Double unders 

20 Wall balls 9/6 or med ball cleans

10 DB hang power cleans 25’s/17,5’s

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