Yessss, you’ve signed up for the Vastberaden Throwdown!

Now you find yourself thinking: now what?!

In this blog we’ll try to answer all your pre-competition questions and help you prepare for an awesome day!


How do I train for a competition?

Entering a competition is super exciting, but we understand it can also feel very new. First and foremost we want you to know: you are ready! Following the Vastberaden classes is the perfect preperation for our Throwdown. Our advise for the weeks leading up to October 3rd:

  1. Keep training in the frequency you are used to. Don’t start adding a lot more classes, this will tire you out for competition day.
  2. Try exploring your limits: test your max lifts on heavy days and move a little bit faster on the machines. This way you learn what pace and weights are on your top shelf, so you can consiously go for them on competition day.
  3. Dial in your sleep: meaning, sleep 8 hours a day, every day!
  4. Pay attention to your nutrition: what foods make you feel good before and after training? Avoid big highs and lows in your energy by cutting down your sugar intake, eat at least 3 balanced meals a day and drink enough water.



What can I expect on the competition floor?

This is the question on everybody’s lips: what will the workouts be!?

Welllll……. that will be our little secret till you arrive on sight, but we can tell you how your day will flow!

Everything you need to know, from movement standards and warm-ups to timings and strategies will be explained to you on arrival. All athletes will be assigned to specific heats and to a buddy whom they will judge, and who will judge them. See below for a time indication on the start and finish of the day and its events.

8:30 Arrival athletes

9:00 Athlete briefing

10:00 – 12:00 Event 1

12:00 – 13:30 Event 2

14:00 – 16:30 Event 3

17:00 Prize ceremony, dinner & drinks!

(Please note: this is not a definitive schedule)



Can I eat, change, shower and hang out in the box?

Yes! Both the CrossFit Box and the Yoga studio, including small parts of the rooftop are available to us all day. The dressing rooms are open for you to leave your bags, change and shower. Any valuables can be lef in the lockers. You are allowed to bring your own meals with you, but we do ask you not to consume them at the coffeebar Barmhartig. Feel free to order anything of their menu though!



What about Covid measures and bringing friends/family?

To ensure everybody’s safety and follow government guidelines we will be working with a corona check at the door. This means upon entering you need to be able to show us either a valid corona check QR code, or a recent (within 24 hours) negative test.

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