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Clear Sunday october 3rd in your calender because after two years of absence

it is FI-NAL-LY back:
The Vastberaden Throwdown!
This in-house CrossFit competition is accessible for all Vastberaden members. With three divisions (beginner – intermediate – experienced) there is space for everybody who finds it fun to test their progress and fitness.

In this first blog we answer some of the FAQ’s about this awesome event.

Part 2 and 3, talking about what to expect, competition prep and more will be published in the next two weeks.


What is the Vastberaden Throwdown?

The Vastberaden Throwdown is an in-house CrossFit Vastberaden competition. A day filled with fun, fitness and friends!

Through 3 seperately scored events you get to test your fitness amidst your Vastberaden friends. The day lasts from 8:30 till 18:00. During this day the box and yoga studio will be transformed to a competition venue. With a comprehensive athlete briefing, warm-up area, movement standards, and scoring system you will experience what it is like to take part in a competitive, yet safe and community, event!

Athletes will be instructed to judge one another and cheer eachother on during the day!

Who is the Vastberaden Throwdown for?

The Vastberaden Throwdown is open to all members of CrossFit Vastberaden. Regardless of your experience or fitness level.

Did you just start CrossFit and have zero experience with competing? Awesome! The Vastberaden Throwdown is a perfect and safe setting for you to show the world your determination and Vastberadenness!

Have you been training with us for a while, but have never done a workout in a competitive setting? Awesome, for you too this is the perfect opportunity to try it out!

Are you a Vastberaden trooper, never skip a day and love pushing yourself? Again: Awesome! The Vastberaden Throwdown is there to push you to your limits!

What are the three ‘divisions’?

Every member that joins the Vastberaden Throwdown enters either of our three divisions. Every division has it’s own requirements.


How do I know what division should I sign up for?

Check out the division requirements in the question above. Evaluate for yourself which of the three lists most accurately describes your level right now.

Are you doubting between two divisions? We got you:

The week of sept 13 – 19 we will program several classes where you’ll get to pick between the three levels during a regular class! This way you can test your abilities and make sure you sign up for the right division.


You need to be able to physically perform all of these standards to be able to join that division.


  • Air squat
  • Jumprope singles
  • Run
  • Thruster 20/15


  • Some double unders
  • 3(m)/1(f) pull up
  • Thruster 35/25kg
  • 24″/20” box jump
  • Deadlift 70/50kg


  • Regularly RX workouts
  •  15/10 kipping or butterfly pull ups
  • Clean 75/50 kg
  • Backsquat 100/70kg

How do I sign up for the Vastberaden Throwdown?

You can sign up for the Vastberaden Throwdown by filling in one of the Sign-up forms in the box!

The Vastberaden Throwdown is included in your membership and thus free of charge!

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