We can’t say anything less than best day of the year!

Your enthusiasm, dedication, the community feel: 100% Vastberaden.


The day started off with all of you facing your first challenge of the day in a massive rainstorm on the way to the box, but this stopped none and all of you were ready to shine on this gloomy Sunday morning. The first workout quickly built up nerves in all our bellies as two of CrossFits most feared materials filled up the competition floor: Assault bikes and boxes. Everybody attacked this workout as if it were the last thing they’d ever do. Such grit!

After a quick recovery from workout one it was time for the separator workout: SQUATS!

We were blown away and seriously impressed with how far so many of you got into this workout, with the intermediate men leading this revolution: 16 of you finished all 60 reps, impressive! The workout ended with the most tentive yet exciting heat of all: the experienced men took the floor and Thymme and Ruben battled through till the very end. You could hear a pin drop as they finished their last of 60 reps at 85kg. They both finished, and the crowd went crazy!

The last workout was a true CrossFit competition experience for all divisions: barbells were flying, chalk all around and everybody giving their best effort one last time. Ofcourse the coaches couldn’t resist being part of this atmosphere and they closed out the day, being fuelled by the support of the community.

Final podium placements can be found below, but as we said: at Vastberaden we value fun over results, and that: we had!

Beginners: Male

  1. Gino Arendsz

  2. David van Westerloo

  3. Ali Murat Dagli


Intermediate: Male

  1. Thies van Zadelhoff & Stijn Kroon

  2. Marcello Canetto


Experienced: Male

  1. Thymme O’herne

  2. Ruben de Roos

  3. Gijs Vermeulen

Beginners: female

  1. Afra Klarenbeek

  2. Renee Eilering

  3. Mirna Attia


Intermediate: female

  1. Bianca Gentili

  2. Sanne van den Bos

  3. Lydia Weber

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