CrossFit box in Amsterdam

Dare to challenge yourself at the best CrossFit box in Amsterdam! Vastberaden offers you great facilities, excellent programming, and a thriving community! People of all ages and with all kinds of backgrounds are welcome to come to our CrossFit box in Zeeburg. Are you looking for a great gym in Amsterdam, but not sure which one to choose? We plunged into some of the most important features that make a good gym, like facilities, programming, coaching, community spirit, and extras. Let us tell you how we do it at Vastberaden! If you want to experience the real deal, book a two-week trial!

CrossFit box in Amsterdam with a great community

Let’s kick off by telling you that Vastberaden is a CrossFit box in Amsterdam with a great community of very diverse people. Our inclusive and supportive group of members together form a thriving, accessible, and super social team of fitness lovers. CrossFit has many benefits: you’ll become stronger, your mobility will improve and your self-confidence is given a boost! Training at Vastberaden is also a fun experience: with your fellow members you’re working on your fitness in IJburg to become allround fit!

The sense of community is important in CrossFit, but it can be very different between CrossFit boxes. It’s like the French say, c’est le ton qui fait la musique (it’s the tone that makes the music), and we’re happy to say that our community is like a good song: it’s strong, powerful, and captivating. Are you willing to become part of our band of athletes? Try it out at our CrossFit box in Amsterdam by booking a two-week trial!

Top-quality CrossFit programming

If you join Vastberaden, you’ll be participating in our allround CrossFit workouts of the day (also known as WODs) that are part of our top-quality CrossFit programming. CrossFit isn’t a franchise fitness formula, it’s an affiliate, so each CrossFit box offers its own workouts. In our CrossFit box, we offer you five-star fitness and the best workouts in Amsterdam! Our members want to get the best out of themselves and so do we as a team. We always strive to make our WODs fun, and effective and we’re not afraid of doing some trailblazing. Like developing new sequences and challenging warm-ups, or creating a new tool for a workout. If you like to do some non-standard out-of-the-box fitness, you should definitely join our CrossFit box in Amsterdam!

CrossFit box with good coaches

Designing outstanding workouts is one thing, but you also need a CrossFit box with good coaches to get the most out of your CrossFit exercises! At Vastberaden we have a fantastic team of some of the best fitness coaches in Amsterdam. To keep up our high standards, we regularly educate our squad. Our energetic coaches are the driving forces of our CrossFit Box in Amsterdam in many different ways. They teach CrossFit classes, motivate our members, track their scores, create a great atmosphere in the box, and make sure the CrossFit gym is neat and tidy.

When you’re new at Vastberaden one of our amazing coaches will become your own personal coach! How’s that? You no longer have to motivate yourself to go to the gym, your coach and our community will keep you going! Together with your coach, you can design a unique, personalized fitness plan based on what you wanna achieve.

CrossFit workouts are scalable, so we’ll adjust the workout to your level. Your coach will not only help you set goals, but will also keep an eye on your technique, and give you advice on nutrition for example. If you have any questions you can always turn to your coach. Not a Vastberaden member yet? Don’t hesitate to contact us, you can always drop us an e-mail or text with one of our coaches via our website.

CrossFit workouts in small groups

You’ll be doing your CrossFit workouts in small groups and your fellow members will cheer you on! We have the biggest CrossFit schedule in Amsterdam, so you can always pick a time slot that fits into your schedule. To set you off right we have designed two special basics classes for beginners at CrossFit. Every other Thursday we’ll teach our basics classes, in which you’ll learn the most important movements we use in our workouts, like the squat and the snatch. In the second basics class, you’ll be getting an introduction to Olympic weightlifting. When the foundation is laid, you can start to build muscle and improve your fitness! Are you ready to start your two-week trial?

CrossFit box with good coaches

CrossFit training for everyone

No matter how old you are or what your background is, we offer CrossFit training for everyone! Are you the kind of person who frequently makes plans to start fitness at a gym but somehow never makes the move? Time to kick the habit! If you become a member of our CrossFit box in Amsterdam, you’ll become part of our CrossFit community. A welcoming and supportive group of fellow members will cheer you on and keep you motivated. You will also get a personal CrossFit trainer who will help you along your fitness journey. Motivational issues are a thing of the past if you join Vastberaden. Join us today and become Vastberaden!

Are you a skilled CrossFitter with 6 months+ experience? You’re welcome to stay Vastberaden! Contact us and we’ll have a chat about your past experience as a CrossFitter. Would you like to find out about the best CrossFit in Amsterdam? Contact us and we’ll make an appointment so we can show you around at our box and you can meet your coach! Depending on how experienced you are we’ll design a plan and you can start CrossFit training with us. Select the type of membership that suits your purpose: regular membership or unlimited membership. We’re happy to welcome you aboard as a new member of our community!

Train with CrossFitters from all over the world

We also love to train with CrossFitters from all over the world. We have an international community of CrossFitters and all our coaches are fluent in English. A great place to do a fabulous workout with people from different countries! The community spirit at Vastberaden is unique and second to none! If you’re in the city and would like to have a taste of our Vastberaden vibe and top quality programming, book a CrossFit drop-in in Amsterdam on our website!

Inside our CrossFit box in Amsterdam

Now you know what we do, but not where we do it: high time to take you inside our CrossFit Box in Amsterdam! We do our workouts at our CrossFit gym in Amsterdam-Oost, located at the Veemkade 1288. Our building also houses the great yoga studio Heldhaftig and the nice coffee bar Barmhartig! Sounds like a concept that’s one of a kind, doesn’t it?

The box itself is impeccably clean and spacious, with loads of natural light and an amazing view overlooking ‘t IJ. It is well-equipped and has high ceilings, perfect for doing rope climbing! When you’re in our box you’ll notice immediately that you’re in Amsterdam. On one of the walls, you can see the city of Amsterdam’s coat of arms! Cool? It becomes even cooler if you take a closer look at the city’s motto underneath the lions…..

Wanna take a look yourself? You’re welcome to come over to our CrossFit box to have a coffee at Barmhartig, experience the great atmosphere, excellent CrossFit WODs and to check out the coat of arms on our wall!

Inside our CrossFit box in Amsterdam

CrossFit membership with many extras

At Vastberaden we offer you a CrossFit membership with many extras. We love to organize extra activities that add more value for our entire CrossFit community. Some of these extras are continuous all year round. You can always park your car for free in the parking space under the gym for 90 minutes. After class, you have the opportunity to use our free showers with complimentary soap and shampoo. Another nice extra is that you can follow yoga classes at yoga studio Heldhaftig. You only have to sign up for any class you’d like to follow.

CrossFit membership with many extras

CrossFit events

On top of all that, we regularly organize our renowned CrossFit events. Come and join us and enroll yourself for the CrossFit Open Superteams and our in-house CrossFit competition, the Vastberaden Throwdown. We also like to give our members a chance to find out more about a certain topic or improve on specific skills by inviting an expert in a certain field for a masterclass.

We love to challenge ourselves and our members to live a happy and healthy life. To take this view even broader we decided to create new, additional challenges for our members. Each month there will be a new challenge that’ll help you become more aware of habits that aren’t contributing to a healthy lifestyle, like drinking alcohol or spending a lot of time on your phone. Let’s raise awareness, focus on those unconscious behaviors, and turn them into healthy habits! Are you with us? Sign up today and become Vastberaden!

The best CrossFit box in Amsterdam

Be prepared to start your CrossFit experience at the best CrossFit box in Amsterdam! We’ve told you about the way in which we organize our CrossFit box in 020 and our classes, so now you know how the land lies. Are you ready to explore the world of CrossFit to discover how you can live a happy and healthy life? If you’d like to know more about CrossFit at Vastberaden, read the CrossFit experiences of our members or send us an e-mail if you have any questions. You can even chat directly with one of our coaches on the same page. Like we said, c’est le ton qui fait la musique. Join us and soon you’ll be as fit as a fiddle!

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Lets be honest, CrossFit can seem a little bit intimidating at first. But don’t let that stop you from trying it! You will find that we are actually really nice people who like having fun while working out.

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