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Looking for a CrossFit box in Zeeburg with the best vibes? Amsterdam’s 5-Star CrossFit Gym Vastberaden in Amsterdam-Oost is where you want to be. Here you will find high-quality classes for all levels of CrossFit, personal attention from insightful instructors, a community of fitness friends who will support you to reach your personal goals inside and outside the gym and zero attitude.

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CrossFit: the best workout that never gets boring

CrossFit is not only popular in Zeeburg, but all over the world. The training program was established in the US in the early 2000s and has gained popularity ever since. CrossFit was created by a gymnast who set out to work with the idea that a multidisciplinary approach to sports would lead to allround fitness. He started to take the best aspects from all kinds of sports and use them in his fitness workouts. The concept caught on and it is estimated that a couple of million people worldwide are doing CrossFit.

But why has CrossFit become so popular and why does it appeal to so many people? There are many answers to this question, but we’ll highlight the most important ones for you.

CrossFit the best workout that never gets boring

CrossFit is varied and fun

One of the main reasons why people struggle with going to a gym regularly is because they get bored with their fitness routines. Here’s one big key to the success of our CrossFit box in Amsterdam: CrossFit workouts are never boring. Each day, we do a new and unique workout, which is called the workout of the day (WOD). Due to its variation and diverse nature, you will be challenged and curious every day.

Unique workouts

There’s no such thing as a standard method for developing WODs and each CrossFit box is offering unique workouts. It is exactly at this aspect where you can separate the wheat from the chaff. At our CrossFit box in Zeeburg we want our members to experience five-star fitness every time they come to the box. We’ve been teaching CrossFit in Amsterdam since 2016 and use all our experience and creativity to develop great WODs. If you want to experience the best CrossFit workouts in Amsterdam, you should certainly book a class with us. Are you new at CrossFit or new at Vastberaden? You can book a two-week trial via our website.

We also welcome CrossFitters from all over the world to join us for a five-star CrossFit workout in Zeeburg. So if you happen to be in the area and you’re up for a challenging workout in Amsterdam, book a drop-in on our website. You can already see what today’s challenge looks like, we always publish the current CrossFit WOD on our drop-in page. On the same page, you’ll find directions to our box in Zeeburg (Amsterdam Oost area), so you won’t get lost on your way to our great gym in Amsterdam!

Effective CrossFit exercises

In any workout we use some of the most effective CrossFit exercises and we do functional movements. These are movements that are directly applicable in your daily life. CrossFit is a full-body workout that helps you become fitter in general and lead a fulfilling life. It makes CrossFit unique and very different from other fitness programs, that often focus on a specific goal, like losing weight. In order to accomplish that type of goal you usually do a set of exercises, and you repeat that set many times. Repeat….repeat…repeat… can you see the boredom luring around the corner?

In our CrossFit box in Zeeburg boredom will never enter the building. There are so many possible elements that we can incorporate, so you’ll never do the same workout twice! We’re also doing our workouts at a high intensity. They are very effective, making CrossFit a sport where you can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. It doesn’t take long before you begin to notice the results of your CrossFit workouts.


CrossFit is intense

We won’t be playing it down or sugarcoating it: CrossFit is intense, fast-paced, and demanding. At the same time, it is fun, challenging, and highly rewarding. The overall intensity of the program is also the driving force of its effectiveness. You’ll quickly notice that you’re making progress. So, what’s CrossFit good for then? CrossFit helps you improve on so many points faster than any traditional workout. What do losing weight, building strength, improving mobility or general health have in common? All of them are benefits of doing CrossFit workouts!

Do you want to know more? You can easily ask one of our experts, use the WhatsApp function on our contact page, and get in touch directly!

CrossFit app

Joining our CrossFit classes at our fitness gym near IJburg means you’ll soon notice you’ll be getting fitter. We also visualize your progress in a CrossFit app. It’s great and absolutely motivating to see how you’re improving on your fitness. Our CrossFit gym in Zeeburg uses BTWB, the official CrossFit app. When doing a long-term training program like CrossFit, it’s essential to have a tracking device. With BTWB, planning, logging, and analyzing your achievements is easy. The app was designed by athletes and has a lot of useful features. You can analyze your progress, and keep track of movement volume (like distance, load, and number of reps). The app also shows you where the imbalances are between strength and technique.

Members of Vastberaden can use the BTWB app for free, it is included in your membership. With BTWB we log your progress, identify weaknesses, and start working on them.
So if you’re looking for a training program that actually shows you what you’re working on, CrossFit is exactly what you need! Let’s get started with your fitness journey at Vastberaden in Zeeburg!

CrossFit app

CrossFit is social

CrossFit is also a social training program, joining us makes you a valued member of our community of CrossFitters. Many training programs make you do your workouts alone, leaving it up to yourself to remain motivated and committed. That’s difficult!

In our CrossFit gym in Zeeburg our members train together and support each other where they can. We’re not saying CrossFit is easy (it’s not!), but the support from our community will help you achieve your fitness goals. Don’t be overwhelmed if the guy training next to you is doing a workout you can only dream of. Some of us have been doing CrossFit for many years already and it takes time and effort to improve. Just start training and set a goal for yourself, that same guy will cheer you on. Once you’ve achieved it: set a new one. Climb the fitness ladder step by step and one day you’ll be as good as the fit guy. Or even better! For now, you just do what you can do!

A great community of CrossFit athletes

We’re delighted to say that we have such a great community of CrossFit athletes in Amsterdam! They’re a varied group from all kinds of backgrounds and genders. It makes us proud that so many people consider our CrossFit box the best gym in Amsterdam. You can read their reviews here!

Our box is always looking spic and span and there’s a friendly, warm atmosphere. We want all our members to feel comfortable, only then you can get the best out of yourself. No matter who you are, whatever your gender or religion is: you’re welcome! Would you like to know more about the community? Read some of our member stories on our website!

Language isn’t a barrier either. We’re an international CrossFit box located in Zeeburg, Amsterdam-Oost. Everyone working at Vastberaden speaks English fluently. There are many expats among our members. Also, if you’re doing CrossFit and you’re in Amsterdam for a business trip or holiday you’re welcome to join a workout. It’s easy to book a drop-in on our website!

CrossFit is social

Excellent coaching in our CrossFit gym in Zeeburg

CrossFit is intense and technical, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do this on your own. Next to a supportive community, we also offer our members excellent coaching in our CrossFit gym in Zeeburg! We have a fantastic team of experienced coaches, who teach the best CrossFit classes in Amsterdam. Our members want to progress constantly and so do we! All of our coaches have completed the CrossFit Vastberaden development program. We’re constantly working on maintaining and expanding our position as a five-star gym in Amsterdam-Oost. We want to make sure our members get enough personal attention from their coaches. That’s why we’ve set a maximum of 15 athletes per coach.

What does a CrossFit coach do?

What does a CrossFit coach do for you? Your coach is your contact person at Vastberaden and knows all the ins and outs of CrossFit. If you’re new at our CrossFit box in Zeeburg, your coach will familiarize you with our box. Every other Thursday we organize a special basics class for beginning CrossFitters.

Special Basics Classes for beginning CrossFitters

We have special Basics Classes for beginning CrossFitters. Our Basics Class 1 is about the most common functional movements. We’ll teach you how to do a squat and also pressing, pulling, and hinging. You’ll also learn about weight training and how you can perform bodyweight exercises. Basics class 2 is all about Olympic weightlifting and you will find out how to do a clean & jerk and a snatch. In the basics classes, we will show you the tools we use for CrossFit: kettlebells, dumbbells, bars, rings, sandbags, PVC pipes, and many more…. We can turn almost anything into a fitness tool! Whatever floats our boat (and suits our purpose)!

After completing the basics class you can sign up for any class you like! Wanna give it a try? Book a two-week trial and experience the coaching, the workouts, and the atmosphere in our CrossFit box in Zeeburg!

Reach new goals

For more experienced members the CrossFit trainer is the one who stimulates them to reach new goals. They pay close attention to your moves and help you in preventing injuries. They can also give you advice on how to improve on your weak points. And it goes a lot further than that. We regularly organize seminars that you can follow and we give advice on nutrition. You can also find healthy meal plans on our website!

Training should be fun

And let’s not forget a very important point: fun! Yes, we’re a professional gym, we take our sports seriously and want to achieve high goals. But CrossFit training should also be fun, so whenever there’s a reason to celebrate we’ll do so! We want you to have fun in our box, so you’ll stay Vastberaden! Did you know that you’re not just training with us? You’re also in the race for a unique title and eternal fame! Will you have the honor of adding your name to the list of Most Vastberaden members?

Excellent coaching in our CrossFit gym in Zeeburg

Group lessons

Each day we teach group lessons in our CrossFit box in Zeeburg. You can join any class that suits your schedule because we’ll be teaching the WOD throughout the day. The CrossFit program is the same, but we give you plenty of opportunities to join the classes. We’re not only having great workouts, we also have the biggest CrossFit schedule in Amsterdam! Check availability and book a class via our website. If the class you prefer is fully booked, you can add your name to the waitlist. We’ll inform you if there’s an available spot! We offer six different WODs per week, from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is “catch-up day”, then you can do a workout that you missed and would still like to do.

All CrossFit workouts are scalable

One of the best aspects of our program is that all CrossFit workouts are scalable. Each day we do a new WOD, but the intensity of the workout and the weights are adapted to your level. As you become fitter, you’ll see that you can handle more. Your coach will make sure the workout is always adapted to your current fitness level. You train in groups with people who have similar interests but may well be on different fitness levels. Is that a barrier? No! Hey, we all want to achieve our goals, right?

Group lessons cross fitness

Good neighbors

We’re proud of our community of CrossFitters, but what is a community without a good neighbor? We’re happy to share our building with the coolest neighbors in town! Coffee bar Barmhartig is where our members gather for a pre- or post-workout drink. A nice place with an amazing view, where you can enjoy delicious coffees, juices, and tasty food!

Our other neighbor, Heldhaftig Yoga, is taking things a little slower than we do – but watch out, don’t ever underestimate them! They may be working down to earth, but they offer quite some challenges too! Do you want to try a different type of challenge? Then come to the cozy and relaxed yoga studio and follow a yoga class. It won’t cost you anything, because it’s included in your membership. Did you know that doing yoga can also help you become a better CrossFitter? Heldhaftig Yoga offers three types of yoga classes. If you wonder what kind of yoga is best for you, just pay them a visit or ask your CrossFit coach. Step on the yoga mat and experience the power of yoga!

Good neighbors heldhaftig yoga and barmhartig coffee bar

Free extra’s

And that’s not all, your membership has many extras: free showers, for example. After an intense and exciting CrossFit workout in our gym in Zeeburg we want you to leave refreshed. We offer our members free showers with complimentary soap, shampoo, and conditioner. In the dressing rooms there’s also free deodorant available. You can find a parking space directly under the gym. As a member of Vastberaden, you can park your car there for free for 90 minutes.

How to get started at CrossFit Vastberaden in Zeeburg?

We love to talk about CrossFit and could go on for hours, but the best way of finding out is by doing it yourself. If you’re enthusiastic and would like to experience a couple of CrossFit workouts yourself we suggest you book a two-week trial. After the two weeks are over you can choose between our regular and unlimited membership. For those who have busy schedules and can’t train regularly, we have a 10 Training Punch Card. On the sign-up form you see the price for a CrossFit membership. Which one is the right one for you depends on your fitness goals.

Our box is located at the Oostenlijk Havengebied in Zeeburg. You find us at the Veemkade 1288 in Amsterdam. The 5-star CrossFit gym isn’t far from the city center. Whatever means of transportation you use: it’s easy to get to us. Our members live all over Amsterdam. So if you live in IJburg, Amsterdam North, or anywhere else in Amsterdam and looking for a great fitness program: you’re welcome to join!

We can imagine you still have some questions about our training program. We’ve answered the ones that are asked most frequently in our Crossfit blog. Can’t find the answer there? Send us an email or text with one of our coaches. We’re ready to answer any CrossFit-related questions you might have!

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Lets be honest, CrossFit can seem a little bit intimidating at first. But don’t let that stop you from trying it! You will find that we are actually really nice people who like having fun while working out.

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