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We love to train with CrossFitters from all over the world! Join our community for a fun and challenging class lead by one of our experienced coaches. Below you will find the workout of the day so you know what to bring (and if you get to play around with our Eleiko bars ;)).

We have showers with complimentary soap and shampoo to freshen up after and our coffee bar makes one of the best pre-workout caffeine kicks in Amsterdam!

A drop-in is 20 euro for a single session, 3 sessions are 45 euro and a week unlimited is 60 euro.

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We use Eversports to sign-up for a class. Please let us know when you’re having difficulties booking! +31 (0)6 28 46 72 43 or [email protected]

Veemkade 1288, 1019 CZ Amsterdam
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Tourist tips when visiting Amsterdam! :-)

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    Amsterdam's 5-star
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    CrossFit gym

    “My husband and I did a drop-in while visiting Amsterdam. The box is great, coaches are top notch and very welcoming and so are the athletes. We felt right at home and would definitely recommend this box for anyone looking for a box as well as drop ins! Thanks Vincent and Mira, Leo and I had a great time!”

    5-star rating
    - Posted 23/07/2018 -

    “Fantastic gym! I've been traveling around Europe for the past month now, going to different gyms in each city. This is by far the best box I've been to. Great coaching, very welcoming community, everybody was really friendly and supportive. The gym is also very unique because it also has its own cafe! Oh yeah and it's got a killer view of the city!”

    5-star rating
    - Posted 20/03/2018 -

    “I had a blast at this gym. As an experienced Crossfitter it was nice to have a gym that cares about details with the movement and the progress of the individual. Vincent had a lot of knowledge about CrossFit and fitness in general. Highly recommend this gym. Besides the hours were very flexible.”

    5-star rating
    - Posted 20/09/2018 -
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    We made it possible to start a chat directly on Whatsapp with one of our trainers. This should work on most devices. If the button doesn't work, please text us on : +31(0)6 - 34 13 22 33 . We'll respond ASAP. Thanks!

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    Lets be honest, CrossFit can seem a little bit intimidating at first. But don’t let that stop you from trying it! You will find that we are actually really nice people who like having fun while working out.

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