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Are you thinking about doing fitness in IJburg? Many programs help you achieve specific goals: weightlifting increases your strength, gymnastics makes you more flexible and running helps you build endurance. But what if we told you there’s a training program in which you improve on all these points? At CrossFit gym Vastberaden in Amsterdam-Oost we want to achieve allround fitness to get a better, healthy life. We offer you a varied training program based on functional movements like throwing, jumping, and running. They’re called functional movements because you also use them in your daily life.

CrossFit is unique and different from any workout you’ve ever tried. Looking for a place to do fitness in IJburg but you wonder what CrossFit is about? CrossFit has many benefits: it’s allround, functional, varied, and super social! Here’s why we think CrossFit is the best training program in Amsterdam!

Everybody can join our CrossFit box

CrossFit is not just for fit people, everybody can join our CrossFit box in Amsterdam if they want to! What makes CrossFit unique and truly different from any other kind of fitness in IJburg, is that it’s scalable. Men, women, and teens: everybody can become a member if they want to. Our members do the same workout of the day (WOD), but each with their own goals and at their own level.

All our workouts can be adapted to your level of fitness. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just started training or are already at an advanced level. We take your current level as a starting point and our excellent coaches will help you climb the fitness ladder! If you decide to join us, you’ll start with a two-week trial and begin with a basics class. In our basics class, we’ll teach you the technique behind some of the basic movements we use. After completing the basics class, you can sign up for any group lesson you like.

Did you know we have the biggest schedule of all CrossFit gyms in Amsterdam? When the two-week trial is over you can choose between regular and unlimited membership. If you want to train two or three times a week, regular membership is what you need! Are you completely smitten by CrossFit? With our unlimited membership, you can train up to six times a week!

Your personal CrossFit coach

CrossFit is different from any other kind of fitness program in IJburg. When you become a member of our CrossFit box, you’ll get your own personal CrossFit coach. We are proud of our qualified international team of coaches, who have all completed the Vastberaden Development Program. We designed this program to make sure our members get top-quality coaching. Also, all coaches have a  valid first aid certificate and participate in our Continuous Education Program for coaches.

Your CrossFit trainer will help you find your way in our CrossFit box. The coach will tell you all you need to know about CrossFit and our great gym in Amsterdam-Oost. You will get lots of personal attention from your coach. Our coaches help you in achieving your fitness goals (and set new ones once you’ve accomplished them)!

But that’s not all, your membership is worthwhile, as it comes with so much more. Your coach will also show you the tools we use to track your progress, give expert advice on nutrition or tell you about upcoming events. Our coaches add a lot of value to your membership, and keep you motivated to reach your goals. Do you have any questions? You can text our coaches, they are more than ready to answer all of your questions about CrossFit!

Your personal CrossFit coach

Crossfit is allround and functional

There are lots of other training programs and we won’t compare all of them. But if you are looking for a fitness program in Amsterdam IJburg that helps you achieve a fitness that will have you ready for any of life’s challenges, then CrossFit is what you need! Some training programs focus on specific aspects of getting fitter, like endurance, strength, or losing weight. If you do CrossFit, you can achieve allround fitness, because our workouts are about all aspects of being fit. We incorporate the best elements of many different sports, helping you reach that level of allround fitness. Join us and you’ll soon discover that you are capable of a lot more than you could possibly imagine!

We use lots of functional movements in our CrossFit program. The main goal of CrossFit is to get you a better life and by training movements you do in everyday life, you’ll notice progress quickly. You’ll feel fitter and stronger, improve on all aspects and be prepared for all the challenges life has in store for you. If you are looking for a fitness class in Amsterdam IJburg that gives you a better life, in every sense of the word, join us!

Crossfit is allround and functional

CrossFit is varied

Our CrossFit training program is different from more traditional fitness training programs. Are you currently doing fitness in IJburg, Zeeburg, or elsewhere in Amsterdam and are you getting bored of your fitness routines? Then CrossFit is exactly what you’re looking for. CrossFit is never boring, because we believe sports should be fun and varied. Are you ready to join our box in and participate in our five-star fitness classes in Amsterdam-Oost?

Our experienced coaches lead inspiring classes where we perform our CrossFit workout of the day (WOD). In our CrossFit WOD, we combine functional movements from all kinds of sports like rowing, track & field, powerlifting, and gymnastics. We make sure each workout is unique: we vary the CrossFit exercises we combine or the length of our WODs. We teach CrossFit classes since 2016 and use all our passion and knowledge to develop effective, challenging but fun workouts for our members. So are you stuck in a dull fitness routine and struggling to keep motivated? Book a two-week trial at Vastberaden and experience CrossFit yourself!

Track your progress

CrossFit is not only more varied than other training programs, we also visualize your progress! With our app, you can track your progress. It’s great and motivating to see where you’ve come from and where you’re currently at. We offer our members a set of tools that allows them to log exercises and keep track of their progress. We also publish our CrossFit programming on our website each week, so you can easily look up our CrossFit exercises list!


CrossFit is varied

CrossFit is social

Did you know CrossFit is super social? If you’re looking for a social, community-centered place to do fitness in IJburg, you should certainly become a Vastberaden member! For us, fitness should be fun, rewarding, and social.

At Vastberaden beginners and experienced CrossFitters do their workouts together. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, we do everything to make new members feel at home. We train together to reach our own goals and our community is encouraging and supportive. The team environment helps you get the best out of yourself! Our Vastberaden members are an inclusive and very diverse group of people. We are just thrilled about training with people from so many different, international backgrounds. Find out more about our members in the member stories on our website!

CrossFit events and seminars

We love our fair share of competition! With and for our community we organize  Vastberaden CrossFit events. Like the biggest international CrossFit event of the year, the CrossFit Open. Obviously, Vastberaden is taking part in this awesome event with CrossFitters from all over the world!

And what about our own CrossFit competition, the Vastberaden Throwdown? Here’s your chance to show your skills to your fellow members, friends, and family!  Do you think you fit the bill? Check out our website for all the news about the next edition of this amazing event!

We also organize several seminars throughout the year. A great opportunity to work on specific skills, like powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, rope climbing, or gymnastics.

International CrossFit gym

Vastberaden is an international CrossFit gym and all of our coaches speak English fluently. Do you happen to be in Amsterdam for work or a holiday? Are you up to joining a fun and challenging Crossfit class in Amsterdam Oost? You are more than welcome to join us for a workout! Don’t hesitate and book your drop-in now!

Coffee bar and yoga studio

We also have our own coffee bar and a yoga studio. If you book a CrossFit drop-in or class, don’t forget to visit coffee bar Barmhartig. A fantastic spot with a view of ’t IJ, where you can relax with a barista-style coffee and a delicious treat! In our building, you also find the yoga studio Heldhaftig. A great place to practice playful and powerful yoga. Visit our beautiful, cozy yoga studio and experience top-class yoga yourself! What’s even better is that Vastberaden members can sign up for the yoga classes for free, it’s included in your membership.

CrossFit is social

The best gym to do fitness in IJburg

We think Vastberaden is the best gym to do fitness if you live in IJburg! We have a great community to train with, outstanding coaches and we offer our members many extras. Did we already mention that we have free showers with complimentary soap and shampoo? You’ll surely leave the box refreshed after an intense but satisfying CrossFit workout!

We are located in Amsterdam East, at the Veemkade in the Oostelijk Havengebied. You can park for free under the gym for 90 minutes. The train station Amsterdam Centraal is not far from our box. Or come to us by bike or on foot! Our box is located in Amsterdam Oost, but our five-star fitness classes attract people from a much bigger area. Our members live all over 020 and far beyond! Are you excited about CrossFit and looking forward to joining us and working on your fitness in IJburg? Then book your two-week trial right away!

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Lets be honest, CrossFit can seem a little bit intimidating at first. But don’t let that stop you from trying it! You will find that we are actually really nice people who like having fun while working out.

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