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“I am looking for the best gym in Amsterdam-Oost where I can enjoy a great workout!” Sound like you? You should definitely come to Vastberaden, the best gym to practice CrossFit in Amsterdam. CrossFit is challenging and varied, but also very social. Starting fitness at a gym can be quite a step for some people. You are more than welcome to literally step over the threshold and join us at our great gym in Amsterdam-Oost. We’re an internationally orientated gym and we’re proud of our open-minded, accessible, and warm atmosphere. Our members are welcoming and supportive and will make you feel at ease quickly. Sounds good but you don’t know what to expect? We love to tell you all about our CrossFit box and our CrossFit classes!

CrossFit: a fun and varied training program

CrossFit isn’t just for fitness lovers and powerlifters, it’s a fun and varied training program that allows you to reach allround fitness. We offer our members a varied and challenging workout each day, known as the workout of the day (WOD). In our WODs, we combine aspects from many different sports, like gymnastics, Olympic powerlifting, running, weightlifting, and athletics. A CrossFit WOD consists of so-called functional movements like lifting, jumping, and balancing. Functional movements are movements that you regularly come across in your daily life. CrossFit training is very effective: it won’t take long before you’ll begin to see the results of your training sessions.

All CrossFit WODs can be scaled

And here’s the best news: all CrossFit WODs can be scaled. No matter what your age, gender, or level of fitness is: we’ll take our WOD as a starting point and modify it to fit your needs and capabilities. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this on your own! We do our WODs in group lessons and the other members will cheer you on during the classes. If you become a member at our gym in Amsterdam-Oost you’ll get your own personal coach. Your coach will familiarize you with the gym, the fitness classes, social activities, and everything else you need to know!

Men and women train together in our gym in Amsterdam-Oost

In our gym in Amsterdam-Oost men and women from different backgrounds, age groups and fitness levels all train together. The CrossFit box is an encouraging and welcoming setting where you can work on your own goals. There is also a strong sense of equality, we all work on our fitness on a level playing field. We support each other and celebrate together when goals are achieved! Wanna try CrossFit? Sign up for a two-week trial right away! When the two weeks are over, you can choose between a 10-training-punchcard, regular and unlimited membership.

CrossFit for women

More and more women are discovering CrossFit as a way of becoming fitter, building strength and also confidence. You don’t even have to be an athlete right now. What makes CrossFit so great for ladies is that all fitness workouts can be tailored. How about age? Well, at our gym age is just a number. It doesn’t matter if you’re seventeen or seventy, everybody can join our group lessons! Really? Absolutely!

Actually, CrossFit is really good for women over 50. When you get older it’s all the more important to stay fit. The CrossFit workouts we teach in our gym in Amsterdam-Oost are very effective and have many benefits. Your mobility will improve and you’ll generally experience less stiffness and a lot more energy! Sounds too good to be true? Come and try the best CrossFit classes in Amsterdam yourself!

CrossFit in Amsterdam

Become part of a community

If there’s one thing that makes CrossFit so totally different from any other fitness program it’s the community. Joining our CrossFit gym in Amsterdam-Oost means you become part of a community. You no longer have to do your workouts all on your own! Besides offering you the best CrossFit workouts in Amsterdam, we also have a great group of members. The community is warm and open-minded: you’ll get to know the other members and get involved in the community. It’s really encouraging to be part of our CrossFit community in Amsterdam. It creates a sense of belonging, good sportsmanship, and mutual respect. And it’s also very nice to be around people with common interests.

CrossFit competition

We’re not only training and supporting each other, but we also love a bit of CrossFit competition! We regularly organize cool events at our box. Like our Vastberaden Throwdown, an awesome day of fitness in Amsterdam open to all of our members! We have three different divisions and you’ll be competing in the one that fits your current level. Test your fitness in a fun competition with all your fellow members! The day ends with an award ceremony, drinks, and our famous Vastberaden party. Be sure to be there!

Personal coach

If you’re up to doing CrossFit in Amsterdam, you’ll get your own personal coach. Unlike many other training programs, where you have to exercise on your own, the CrossFit program works with coaches. And at Vastberaden we don’t have just coaches, our CrossFit trainers are absolutely amazing! All of them are aces at CrossFit and have a lot of knowledge and experience. They will help you become familiar with the forms and techniques used at CrossFit. They tell you all you need to know about the facilities at our gym in Amsterdam-Oost. Do you have a CrossFit-related question, or do you need some nutrition advice? Your coach will be there for you! Are you ready to work with one of our aces? Sign up for a two-week trial on our website!

Injury prevention

Also, when training intensely there’s always a risk of getting injured. At our gym in Amsterdam-Oost we strongly focus on injury prevention. Of course, you want to train hard and set new goals all of the time. Your coach will help you find a way to push the limits, but not pushing them too hard. They’ve got your back! Did you know we have our own in-house physiotherapist at Vastberaden? Every Friday between 8:00 and 12:00 you can find Benjamin in the yoga studio. He is a specialist in the field of muscles, joint problems, and minor neurological problems. If you have physical struggles or need physiotherapeutic advice, pay Benji a visit! In this CrossFit blog post, Benji introduces himself and tells you about the services he’s offering.

Personal crossfit coach


One of the best features of CrossFit is its accountability. Joining our community of CrossFitters also means you no longer have to motivate yourself to get to the gym and exercise. You know there’s a group of fellow members waiting for you to show up. There’s your coach who designed a challenging set of goals for you to work on. It’s much harder to set goals and motivate yourself to keep on going if you have to do it all on your own. At our gym, you don’t have to do it on your own. Your coach is rooting for you and there are always fellow members to support you. You become part of the community and they will motivate you to keep on going. They make sure you dedicate time to your own health and fitness!

About our CrossFit coaches

CrossFit and yoga

CrossFit is fast and intense, so it’s good to shift gear every now and then. Some people say CrossFit and yoga are a match made in heaven. And guess what? At our gym in Amsterdam-Oost we’ve created this heaven in the same building! CrossFit and yoga are opposites, but yoga really is a good addition to your CrossFit training. After an intense CrossFit training the adrenaline gushes through your veins. You could use an additional yoga session then. Did you know that practicing yoga also helps you to become a better CrossFit athlete? Yoga helps you heal your muscles and it enhances your ability to concentrate. If you are a member of Vastberaden, you should certainly visit our neighbors at Heldhaftig Yoga. Join them for a playful and powerful yoga session!

Inspiring yoga classes

The instructors at Heldhaftig offer you inspiring yoga classes. They put their best effort in developing challenging yoga sequences for you and they regularly offer new challenges. When the season changes, it’s also time for a new sequence. What may seem like an impossible task at the beginning, will become a goal you’ll be able to reach. There are many varieties of yoga, the neighbors at our gym in Amsterdam-Oost teach Vinyasa, R.O.M. Yin, and Power yoga.

At Vastberaden, we like to offer our members not only the best CrossFit in Amsterdam but also nice extras. One of these extras is that our members can join yoga classes at Heldhaftig for free. Wanna to know more about Heldhaftig? Check out the website!

CrossFit and yoga

CrossFit and coffee

CrossFit and yoga fit together, but CrossFit and coffee are also a good match! In our building, there’s also a nice coffee bar: Barmhartig Koffie. A lively spot with a great view over ‘t IJ! You can bump into CrossFitters from Vastberaden and yogis from Heldhaftig. Being part of a tight-knit community, they like to meet up at Barmhartig before or after their sessions.  But locals, students, remote workers, and tourists have found their way to Barmhartig as well. At Barmhartig you can get delicious coffees made of a nice blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian coffee beans and also fresh juices and tasty protein shakes.

Nice treats

They also serve some truly nice treats to go with the drinks. How about a French treat? You can choose between croissants, pain au chocolat, and pain au raisins. Every day fresh French bread is baked in the oven. The bread is served with loads of real butter, yummmmm!
But wait… you haven’t even heard yet about baking grandmother Kitty. She’s the one who makes Barmhartig’s famous vegan banana bread, brownies, and muffins. And every weekend she dives into her kitchen to create two specials for the weekend.
Last but not least, there are also toasties from De Tweede Jeugd. A great choice, that’s not only delicious but also responsible. The crew at The Tweede Jeugd collect bread that was not sold and turn them into fantastic vegan and vegetarian toasties. So you should obviously give that one a try. Are you a meat lover? Lucky you, there’s also one with ham and cheese!

So if you want to see for yourself what life at Vastberaden is like, you’re more than welcome to visit our box in Amsterdam-Oost. It’s located at the Veemkade 1288. Have a drink at Barmhartig and find out what the atmosphere is like. If you have any questions, feel free to visit us in our CrossFit gym in IJburg.

CrossFit and coffee

More extras

We already mentioned the free membership at Heldhaftig, but your membership comes with a lot more extras. You can park your car for free for 90 minutes in the parking space directly under our gym in Amsterdam-Oost. Doing a CrossFit training with us means you’ll be working hard and sweating. Give it your best, because you will leave the building refreshed. All our members can use our free showers with complimentary soap and shampoo. So…. Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’re ready to train with us then book your two-week trial now. For the best CrossFit in 020, go to Veemkade 1288. Located not far from the city center and also easy to reach if you live in Amsterdam Noord! If you have any questions, mail us or send a text message to one of our coaches.

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Lets be honest, CrossFit can seem a little bit intimidating at first. But don’t let that stop you from trying it! You will find that we are actually really nice people who like having fun while working out.

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