Looking for a powerlifting gym in Amsterdam? Consider trying CrossFit!

Are you looking for a powerlifting gym in Amsterdam? Have you ever considered going to a CrossFit box? If becoming stronger in general is what you’re looking for, then CrossFit might be just what you need! There are many differences between CrossFit and powerlifting, but there are also similarities. We’ve made a comparison between the two for you. Next, we’ll tell you what more CrossFit has to offer you and why you should choose Vastberaden! When all is said and done it’s up to you to decide whether you want to become allround fit at our CrossFit gym in Amsterdam-Oost! Of course you can have a taste first to see if you like it. Wanna try? Book a two-week trial!

Similarities between CrossFit and powerlifting

Let’s start by looking at some of the similarities between CrossFit and powerlifting. In both a powerlifting gym and our CrossFit box you’ll be focusing on functional movements. These are movements that you come across in your daily life, such as climbing stairs or carrying groceries or a young child.

Also, both a CrossFit WOD and a powerlifting workout are focusing on building strength. If you become stronger it’ll be easier to do your daily tasks. To make you stronger, both training programs use barbells and do weightlifting exercises as part of the workouts.

Maximize the results of your workouts

Technique is key if you want to maximize the results of your workouts. CrossFit works with personal coaches who help you achieve your goals. Powerlifting also isn’t the type of fitness training that you can simply start on your own from scratch. When you start CrossFit training with us, your coach will help you reach your goals, avoid injuries, and give you nutrition advice.

At Vastberaden we have a great team of coaches who have all completed the Vastberaden Development Program and a first-aid training course. They all speak English fluently, make sure the box is looking splendid, and that fitness classes start on time. When it comes to coaching, our staff is the crop of the cream! Together with our great community of CrossFitters, they make the Vastberaden spirit! Join us and stay Vastberaden!

Speaking of community… CrossFit, like powerlifting, also has a strong sense of community. Members of a CrossFit box or powerlifting gym often train in groups and support each other in achieving their goals!

Differences between CrossFit and powerlifting

Differences between CrossFit and powerlifting

So long for similarities, because there are also many differences between CrossFit and powerlifting. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest differences between the two!


CrossFit and powerlifting both use functional movements in their programs, but they have totally different goals. If you do CrossFit, you work on your allround fitness and train a wide range of physical aspects like balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. In a powerlifting gym, the functional movements are used for a very specific goal: to maximize strength.

How to get to your goals

Right, it sounds like we’re knocking on an open door here, but if you have different goals the way to get there isn’t the same. Powerlifting is a specialization and you can also see that in the training sessions. There are three fundamental movements used in powerlifting: the deadlift, the squat, and the bench press. The training at a powerlifting gym focuses on technique.

CrossFit workouts (also known as Workout of the Day, or to put it shortly: WoD) combine exercises from many different sports. Powerlifting is one of them, but also gymnastics, track and field, cycling, and many more. By taking the best from a wide range of sports we develop our own intense but challenging workouts to make you allround fit! Did you know that each CrossFit box is teaching its own workouts? At Vastberaden we offer you the best CrossFit WoDs in Amsterdam! Book a two-week trial with us and find out yourself!


There’s also a big difference when it comes to intensity. CrossFit is unpredictable and versatile: one day you’re doing rowing for time, another day you’ll be running and rope climbing, and on some days you’ll be doing powerlifts. A CrossFit WOD can vary in length and intensity.

A powerlifting training is also intense, but has fewer repetitions, and breaks between sets are usually longer.


Because there is some overlap between the programming, CrossFit and powerlifting share some equipment, but there are also a lot of differences at this point.

Powerlifting uses mainly barbells and weight plates. A powerlifter wears a supportive suit, specially designed weightlifting shoes, a weightlifting belt, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps.

You might spot an occasional CrossFitter wearing wrist wraps or knee sleeves in our CrossFit box in Amsterdam, but this is where the resemblance stops. CrossFitters look totally different from lifters! CrossFit clothing should be breathing, quick-drying, light, and comfortable to move around in. CrossFitters wear special shirts, shorts or pants, and CrossFit shoes. We will tell you all about the right clothing if you decide to join us!

Back to equipment then, because in our CrossFit box like any powerlifting gym in Amsterdam, you’ll find powerlifting equipment, but that’s not all! In our gym in Amsterdam-Oost you can also find kettlebells, dumbells, rowing machines, ropes, medicine balls, and a great deal more. The choice of equipment depends on the design of the WOD we’re going to do!

CrossFit: powerlifting and more in our gym in Amsterdam

So you’re already a powerlifter or interested in becoming stronger? When you do CrossFit at Vastberaden you can do powerlifting and more in our gym in Amsterdam! Yes, you’ll come across the three fundamental exercises of powerlifting – squat, bench press, and deadlift – that are all used in our CrossFit exercises, but we’re more than a powerlifting gym in Amsterdam! In our CrossFit box, we also use movements from other sports to help you gain muscle faster.

Olympic weightlifting, for example. The snatch and the clean & jerk are part of our CrossFit program. In our basics classes, we’ll teach you the right technique for Olympic weightlifting. By combining strength exercises from different sports we offer you a varied, allround training program.

What’s more, we also do exercises from gymnastics that help you become stronger. Your explosivity will improve and you’ll be able to put more power into bodyweight movements during your CrossFit workout. Do you want to know more about how we do this? Drop us an e-mail or have a chat with a Vastberaden CrossFit trainer! Every other Thursday you can start our basics classes. After following the two basics classes you can sign up for any CrossFit class you like. Can’t make it on a Thursday evening? No sweat! We’ll figure out a way to get you started!

Other benefits of CrossFit for powerlifters

Building strength is the core aspect of a powerlifting gym in Amsterdam, but if you start CrossFit training at Vastberaden you’ll also discover the other benefits of CrossFit for powerlifters. The varied WODs ensure that you’re working on all aspects of being fit. Not only your strength will improve, but also your balance, endurance, coordination, and stamina. When doing CrossFit you train 10 important physical skills, which will help you build muscle, but also make you feel fitter, more energetic, and healthier! Don’t we all want to live healthy and happy lives? This is why we do it!

Improve your general fitness

CrossFit will help you improve your general fitness and make you a better overall athlete. We know CrossFit is challenging both physically and mentally, it’s not for the chickenhearted! CrossFit workouts are fast-paced and intense, did you know that you burn even more calories in a CrossFit WOD than in a weightlifting session? You’ll become a lot stronger, without becoming bulky. CrossFitters in general are lean and fit!

Working on physique and mental resilience

In our CrossFit box in Amsterdam you’ll be working on your physique, but also on your mental resilience. By building mental strength you’ll be able to do things you never imagined. Like lifting heavy weights or wrapping your legs around a rope to climb all the way up to the ceiling! If you’re up for a challenge, and not afraid of doing some cardio, sign up at our CrossFit box, rather than a powerlifting gym in Amsterdam! Jump into CrossFit by signing up for a two-week trial!

The social side of CrossFit

After the physical and mental advantages, it’s time to take a look at the social side of CrossFit. Setting goals and training takes effort, but it becomes easier if you get support. In our CrossFit box in Zeeburg you’ll be working on your own goals, but you’re never alone! You’ll get a personal coach who will help you set goals and make sure the WOD is adapted to your level. We do our workouts in groups of 15 people max, to make sure you get enough personal attention.

Our CrossFit athletes form a tight, supportive, and international community. They make sure you feel at home and become part of the community quickly. Our members cheer each other on and they celebrate new PRs together. We also regularly organize CrossFit events with our community and we have our own CrossFit competition.

Before or after class you can regularly see CrossFitters meeting up at Barmhartig, the great coffee bar that’s located in the same building! Wanna know more about their CrossFit experiences at Vastberaden? Read their member stories and find out! But it’s not only members you’ll meet at Vastberaden. We also regularly have traveling CrossFitters joining us for a drop-in!

The social side of CrossFit

The best CrossFit in Amsterdam

If you wanna give CrossFit a try, we can imagine you’re going to look for the best CrossFit in Amsterdam! You don’t have to look any further, Vastberaden is what you need! A great CrossFit gym offers outstanding workouts and is carried by its community.  We love to design great workouts for our members and are extremely proud of our fantastic community!

It gives us so much energy to be working with an international, inspiring, positive, like-minded group of totally different individuals each day. The community is warm and welcoming group of friends and fitness lovers from Amsterdam and its surroundings. They make sure that going to the gym is a moment you’ll look forward to rather than a mandatory appointment on your calendar. Beware: once you start, you might become completely wrapped up by CrossFit! Ready to try? Book a two-week challenge!

Top notch team of coaches

Our top notch team of coaches is teaching fun and exciting workouts while paying huge attention to personal detail. What is your personal goal and what is the best way of getting there? They also focus on using the appropriate techniques, to get the most out of your workout and to avoid injuries.

About our CrossFit box

Last but not least, it’s time to give you additional information about our CrossFit box. We share our building with coffee bar Barmhartig and yoga studio Heldhaftig. If you decide to become a member at Vastberaden, you can also join classes at Heldhaftig for free! Our gym is always looking neat and clean and we also allow our members to freshen up after an intense class. In our gym we have free showers, with complimentary soap, shampoo, and conditioner. We know finding a parking lot can be an absolute nightmare in Amsterdam, so we’ve arranged that as a Vastberaden member you can park directly under the gym for free for 90 minutes. Sounds great? Book a trial!

Right, with that it’s time to wrap it up! We’ve explained the similarities and differences between training in our CrossFit box and training in a regular powerlifting gym in Amsterdam. You’ve read about the benefits of CrossFit and why Vastberaden is offering you the best CrossFit in Amsterdam! Are you ready to start your CrossFit journey? Book a two-week trial and we’ll look forward to seeing you at Veemkade 1288!

And with that… it’s a wrap!

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