With CrossFit you train to create an allround fitness. Simply put: a fitness that helps you to kick ass in all tasks and joys of life!

How many times a week do you need to train to achieve this? Two to three times is enough as long as you are consistent. If that is you, choose our 14 sessions membership!

Do you live to train? You too will feel right at home at Vastberaden! Our training program is designed to be able to train up to six times a week. Our unlimited membership is the one you are after.

Not sure? Come and train with us for two weeks!

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Our 5-star promise

Experienced coaches
Proven effective training program
All levels!
Max. 12 people per coach
Beginner class to start you off right
Free consults with in-house Physiotherapist and Chiropractor
Yoga at Heldhaftig Yoga included in membership
Showers with complimentary soap & shampoo
90 minutes free parking

Which membership is for you?

Monthly 14 classes

€ 95,-
( € 6,75 - 10,55 euro per class)

Do it!

Two to three times will get you ready for anything life throws at you!

Monthly unlimited

€ 135
( € 5,25 - 8 euro per class )

Do it!

Do you live to train? Unlimited is the right choice for you

10 training punch card

€ 140,00

2 week trial with 1-on-1 beginner class

€ 90

Start right now with a 1-on-1 session with one of our coaches then take up to 6 classes to get a great taster of CrossFit Vastberaden

2 week trial with group beginner class

€ 60

After joining our monthly group beginner class you can take up to 4 classes to see how much you will like training with us!

Amsterdam's 5-star
* * * * *
CrossFit gym

“Het oog voor detail van de coaches waar het gaat om individuele behoeftes en het verbeteren van techniek is ongelooflijk! Ze letten super goed op hoe je beweegt en geven verschillende opties voor elk niveau. Hierdoor zijn de trainingen uitdagend op een leuke en motiverende manier.”

5-star rating
- Posted 23/07/2018 -

“Na vele jaren bij een andere box getraind te hebben met vele blessures met ik op zoek gegaan naar een box die zich meer richt op zo min mogelijk blessures, de juiste begeleiding en op een verantwoorde manier stappen maken. Meerder boxen in Amsterdam bekeken maar uiteindelijk ben ik hier terecht gekomen. Alleen maar lof over de box en het team.”

5-star rating
- Posted 02/10/2018 -

“The attention to detail from the coaches when it comes to individual needs and technique, is amazing! They pay close attention to your moves and offer appropriate options for every level, making the workouts challenging in a fun and exciting way.”

5-star rating
- Posted 20/09/2018 -
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We made it possible to start a chat directly on Whatsapp with one of our trainers. This should work on most devices. If the button doesn't work, please text us on : +31(0)6 - 28 46 72 43 . We'll respond ASAP. Thanks!

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COVID-19 closure

On the 14th of december the government announced we are going back into a nation-wide lockdown for at least five weeks. Of course both team Vastberaden and team Heldhaftig have a plan ready for this scenario. We are committed to do all that we can to get you through the upcoming weeks as fit and flexible as possible! If you have any questions, concerns and/or positive words for the team don't hesitate to reach out to any of our coaches! Stay safe, stay fit, stay home and most of all, Stay Vastberaden!