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Your trial starts with a 60 minute beginner group class or personal training. After this you have a good understanding what to expect during the workouts plus we get to know you a little better too! Now you are ready to discover how awesome it is to train with us by joining any class.


We use your mobile number to contact you for your first class.

A two week trial costs 65 euro for a beginner group class (every other Thursday at 20:00) and up to 4 regular classes. The class credits are to be used within 14 days after the start of your trial. Your trial starts on the day of your beginner class. After 14 days your trial membership will automatically terminate.

Did you already complete a basics class at another official CrossFit gym? Or want more info?

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Sign-up for a two week trial

Sign-up for a two week trial

Join Vastberaden for two weeks and experience the atmosphere, the coaching and the workouts. Our coaches will work with you to adjust the training to your level so you will have an awesome time with us!

Complete the beginner class

Complete the beginner class

Your trial will start with a beginner class. A small group training where you will get familiar with the technique of the most common movements in our training program.

Train! (and have fun!)

Train! (and have fun!)

Every training you join at Vastberaden will be fun, challenges you at your own level and builds a fitness you can use to have a great life outside of the gym. The workouts, coaching and community create an experience and results that is truly unique.

Our members can tell it better than we can!

Feel the Vastberaden vibe!

Amsterdam's 5-star
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CrossFit gym

“The nicest CrossFit gym in Amsterdam! Down to earth, and amazing skilled coaches with a sense of humor (which is rarely seen these days 😉)”

5-star rating
- Posted 07/11/2022 -

“I highly recommend this crossfit box to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding experience. It has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I can't wait to continue my fitness journey here!”

5-star rating
- Posted 12/06/2023 -

“Really good coaches, I'm keeping my subscription even tho I moved to the other side of the city, these guys make it worth it 🙂”

5-star rating
- Posted 22/08/2023 -
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We made it possible to start a chat directly on Whatsapp with one of our trainers. This should work on most devices. If the button doesn't work, please text us on : +31(0)6 - 34 13 22 33 . We'll respond ASAP. Thanks!

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Lets be honest, CrossFit can seem a little bit intimidating at first. But don’t let that stop you from trying it! You will find that we are actually really nice people who like having fun while working out.

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We use your mobile number to contact you for your first class.